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Agar Cleaning Systems takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality cleaning products for its clients in a diverse range of industries including commercial cleaning, industrial, food servicing and processing, healthcare and education. The Australian family owned business has been producing its products locally for over 45 years.

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Acid Wash - Acid Based Cleaner 5Lt
A concentrated acid based cleaner for dissolving rust, scale and lime build ups. It also contains de..
Price: $57.97
Agar - Low Foam HF
LOW FOAM HF DETERGENT is a reactive cleaner which rapidly lifts dirt, oil and grease from painted an..
Price: $30.15
Agar Spray & Squirt Bottles
*Please note: Does not come with trigger or tilt cap. Sold seperately.* Agar Spray bottles 500ml&..
Price: $22.99
Ammodet - Ammoniated Detergent 5Lt
Ammodet is a concentrated high foam cleaner with ammonia. It will remove: Dirt, food spills, greasy ..
Price: $21.47
Antifoam - Defoaming Additive
ANTIFOAM is a potent silicone-based defoaming additive which quickly breaks down foam and bubbles th..
Price: $91.20
Autoscrub - Floor and All Purpose Cleaner 5Lt
AUTOSCRUB will remove all soil and spillages including foodstuffs, drinks, cooking oil and general t..
Price: $21.90
Bleach - Whitening and Sanitising Agent 5Lt
Bleach contains available chlorine which is present in solution in the form of sodium hypochlorite a..
Price: $19.25
Bowl Clean - Toilet and Washroom Cleaner 5Lt
An antibacterial cleaner for toilets, urinals, tiled washroom floors, walls, paths, basins and showe..
Price: $28.75
Cap It Off - Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner 5Lt
A carpet cleaner for use on all types of carpet and washable fabric upholstery, CAP-IT-OFF encapsula..
Price: $42.35
Coffee Stain Remover Part A 1Lt
Coffee Stain Remover is a highly potent safety bleach for removing coffee and other 'impossible' sta..
Price: $33.31
Coffee Stain Remover Part B 500mL
COFFEE STAIN REMOVER PART B is a highly potent safety bleach for removing coffee and other 'impossib..
Price: $21.35
Fast Glass - Window and Glass Cleaner 5Lt
Fast Glass is a fast-acting cleaner for glass, stainless steel and chrome surfaces. It removes oil, ..
Price: $21.90
Fresco - Washroom Cleaner 5Lt
Fresco is an all-purpose washroom cleaner. Used neat, it is a forceful cleaner of toilets, urinals a..
Price: $43.35
Fresh Mop - Scented Cleaner 5Lt
Fresh Mop is a hard floor cleaner designed for high-gloss floors such as terrazzo, marble and slate...
Price: $28.67
HF Detergent - Solvent Detergent 5Lt
HF DETERGENT removes the toughest dirt, mud, oil, films, grease, grime and soot from floors, equipme..
Price: $29.60
Microsan 5Lt
MICROSAN is a thick anti-bacterial liquid hand soap that provides a rich foam and kills germs on the..
Price: $32.35
Orchids - Antibacterial Detergent 5Lt
ORCHIDS has a three-way cleaning action. It functions as a powerful germ killer, a deoderant and a d..
Price: $48.75
pH-7 Neutral Detergent 5Lt
pH-7 is a neutral detergent which effectively cleans all types of floors as well as other resil..
Price: $25.45
Scrub 'N' Shine - Low-Foaming Floor Detergent 5Lt
SCRUB 'N' SHINE is a powerful, low-foaming detergent for polished floors that has a useful 2 in 1 ac..
Price: $28.95
Splendour - Furniture Polish 5Lt
SPLENDOUR is a lightly perfumed, silicone and wax-based furniture polish which waxes, cleans and pol..
Price: $42.35
Spraybuff C - Cleaning Liquid for Sealed Floors 5Lt
SPRAYBUFF C is a water based liquid for spray-buffing polished floors. It cleans and dries quickly w..
Price: $20.79
Stainless Steel Oil - Stainless Steel Protector 5Lt
STAINLESS STEEL OIL is a mineral oil blend formulated for protecting stainless steel surfaces. Stain..
Price: $69.20
Steel Shine - Stainless Steel Polish 5Lt
STEEL SHINE is a water-based cleaner that polishes stainless and aluminium surfaces with a deep shin..
Price: $65.15
Super Nova - Floor Sealer 5Lt
SUPER NOVA is a non-slip sealer for vinyl, sealed timber and terrazzo floors. Because it repels scuf..
Price: $79.45
Superforce - Cleaner, Sanitiser and Deodorant 5Lt
Superforce is a highly active cleaner, sanitiser and deodorant that dilutes up to 1 in 160. It is co..
Price: $33.90